When the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer streamed during EA and DICE's special announcement ceremony online, the fans loved it so much, they played the trailer two more times for everyone. Everyone had this subtle, yet unified, knowledge that this was the Battlefield game we had been hoping for. This was the one everyone’s been dreaming of since Battlefield 1942. And since the reveal, we’ve gotten a whirlwind of information about the upcoming title from DICE and EA.
The Battlefield 1 Trailer
When the reveal trailer dropped during a live online stream with EA and DICE, Battlefield fans lost their minds. While the Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer had debuted shortly before, and topped YouTube’s list for most disliked video ever, one slot under Justin Beiber, it greatly paled in comparison. The response to the video was so overwhelmingly positive, the guys at EA and DICE played it two more times. Days after the reveal, people were still talking about it. I even wrote an entire article about how I couldn’t stop watching the trailer, because of just how awesome it was.

The trailer revealed many gameplay elements about the game including the kinds of weapons that will be accessible and possible vehicles to control in-game, very much like the tanks and planes in previous games.

Why Battlefield 1 Almost Didn’t Happen
It’s been widely reported that Battlefield 1 almost didn’t happen. EA and DICE have said they were worried about tackling the World War 1 theme. But not only that, they were worried their younger audience wouldn’t quite understand the technological advances in Battlefield 1 that really occurred during World War I.

If they hadn’t decided to take a risk and go along with the idea of World War I in a Battlefield game, we might not be sitting here researching everything we know about the amazing upcoming Battlefield 1 game. With just how badly Call Of Duty’s new trailer reveal went for Infinite Warfare, I think it really just made Battlefield 1 look that much better. But I have a feeling this might be one of the best installments in the series, probably because EA and DICE have said they are aiming to make this feel like a real Battlefield game more than ever.

What Is The Battlefield 1 Release Date?
As mentioned above, the standard edition of Battlefield 1 will give players access to the game on its original release date of October 1. But if you get the deluxe edition, you will get access to the game on October 18, before everyone else.

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