It's not everyday that you get to have a say in the final build of a new video game but, with the recently launched Betrayer as a Steam Early Access title, that's exactly what you'll get. Blackpowder Games are offering consumers a chance to purchase Betrayer nice and early, giving the team time to make adjustments based on feedback before the official launch.

“We are excited to get feedback while there's still time to react to it and make the game better,” said designer Craig Hubbars. “There are only six of us, so being able to hear from gamers who are motivated to help us deliver the best possible experience while we're still in active development will help us prioritize on the fixes and features that will have the biggest impact.”

In other words, you can think of the Early Access release of Betrayer as a single player beta test for the game. Small studios don't typically have the ability to bring on a team of testers and, after spending months upon months with a game, you can start to get tunnel vision. Those interested in helping the team out can now purchase Betrayer via Steam, play through it, and let the folks at Blackpowder know what they think. In turn, the developer will then be able to polish up the game until it's nice and shiny and ready for the rest of the world to play.

Betrayer is that type of game that can only be pulled off by an indie studio. A first-person action adventure game, it takes place in the 17th century as a group of settlers start to spread their roots in the new world. Your departure from England isn't all sunshine and rainbows, however, as this freshly discovered land of opportunity appears to be harboring more than a few dark secrets.

You'll explore a mostly black and white world discovering clues in order to unravel the various mysteries of your new home, taking on enemies both human and supernatural along the way. The world is open for your exploration and you'll also have access to classic weaponry like bows, muskets and axes. There's also a lot of loot to gather as you plunge further into the intrigue of Betrayer.

According to the developers, the countless mysteries are all part of the fun of exploring the game.

“We deliberately chose to make a game that doesn't explain everything to you,” said Hubbard. “You'll find clues about what's happening and what befell the colony, but it'll be up to you to put the pieces together. It's challenging to strike a balance where players are getting just the right amount of information...We're hoping the community can help us with the fine tuning.”

To join in on the fun and lend a hand, Betrayer is currently available on Steam at a discounted $13.49. That link is also where you'll find easy access to the community page, forums and bug feedback options. This offer is available through August 21st, so work fast.

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