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Beyond Good And Evil was released in November of 2003 and while its sales weren't the best, it immediately became a hit. That’s why fans were stoked when the long-awaited sequel, Beyond Good And Evil 2, was finally announced in 2008. But since then, it seems news surrounding the franchise has gone quiet and everyone lost hope of a sequel ever being released—until now. New evidence shows that Ubisoft has filed for a new Beyond Good And Evil trademark, so maybe the sequel is finally going to get off the ground.

Dualshockers reports that they discovered a new recent listing in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) where Ubisoft filed for Beyond Good And Evil under Class 9, 16, 25, 28 and 41. You can see the information in the image from Dualshockers below.


Dualshockers explains the classes, saying,
...the filing includes Class 9 (game software) as well as Class 41 (online component to game software, be it leaderboards to multiplayer). The other classifications are slightly more vague. Class 16 refers to paper products; Class 25 refers to clothes, and Class 28 refers to games and playthings.

There’s a lot of speculation around this mostly because filing for a trademark does not exactly mean that the game is finally going to be coming out. It could just be Ubisoft protecting the name because, hopefully, they do expect to release the sequel at some point. Just last month, Destructoid said they received reports that the sequel would be funded by Nintendo and released exclusively for the new NX.

I am a hardcore fan of Beyond Good And Evil and I have been waiting years for the sequel to come out, as I’m sure many other fans have as well. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I see Beyond Good And Evil exclusively released on a Nintendo console, and I really am hoping that despite all of the delays for the game, Beyond Good And Evil 2 really is still in development and that this is a hint at the fact that it’s nearing completion.

But like the rest of the fans in the world, all we can do is sit and wait and hope for news soon. If there’s any chance of an announcement of progress or a release date, we can probably expect something near or at E3 in June. But that’s being hopeful.
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