A traditionally made, mid-fantasy JRPG-inspired indie title from a group of French developers has made it onto Steam's Greenlight. The game is about a black cube that collects data from a dying planet from a chosen vessel, and it's up to players to discover the truth behind a mysterious collector called The Ark.

The game looks tight and reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII and The Lost Odyssey, with a tinge of Zeno Clash tossed in for good measure. As you can see in the prototype trailer above, the game has some very cool things going on, especially regarding the combat and world map travel. Opposite of Final Fantasy and their chocobos, players will get cars to traverse around the game world in order to get from one location to the next.

There's a somewhat post-apocalyptic feel to the game's world aesthetic, mixing elements of Chrono Trigger and Fallout for a presentation that could pay off for the developers in the long run.

For now, The Black Tower is still requesting some means of crowd-funding on IndieGoGo. They probably would have done better using Kickstarter but who's to complain about one method over the other so long as they hit their goal, right?

If you like what they want to sell, you can pay a kind visit to the game's official Steam Greenlight page.

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