A new gameplay trailer for Zeno Clash II has been unleashed by Atlus, featuring some face-punchingly good fighting. It's rare we get to pummel in the cranium of characters the way you can in Zeno Clash II, so this video is extra special just for the added touch of bringing melee combat back to the mainstream FPS genre.

With games like Breakdown and the Chronicles of Riddick making it cool to fight in hand-to-hand encounters via first-person, I'm a little shocked and surprised we don't see more games follow suit. Nevertheless, ACE Team has carved out a nice little niche in the FPS beat 'em up sub-genre, grabbing a decent following along the way.

I really like the fighting in Zeno Clash, it's pretty cool and very smooth. The only problem I could spot was that the guy with the roided up chin getting his face smashed in actually looked better after eating a knuckle sandwich, and I'm pretty sure usually people are supposed to look worse after getting their skull pimp slapped repeatedly by someone's fists.

Anyway, Zeno Clash II is set for release next Tuesday on PC at participating digital distributors. The Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network edition will arrive soon thereafter. You can learn more about Zeno Clash II by paying a kind visit to the official website. And try not to get pimp-slapped by any bird-faced men.

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