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The first of the three alpha tests have been underway and users are already quick to upload their gameplay sessions to YouTube. You can check out the first of the three alpha sessions courtesy of YouTuber Prodigious (nice name, by the way).

There are three videos are pretty much a recount of the early footage that was showcased during the Tokyo Game Show.

The 30 minute gameplay video started with a run-through of the goth-inspired area, further leading through to a mini-fight with some werewolves that eventually get dispatched. The TGS video was pretty terrible in the sense that the devs kept dying in silly ways to some low-class mobs, which was just embarrassing.

Thankfully, in the Prodigious videos we see that he aims to avoid dying in lame ways, which really adds to the quality of the video .

As for the drawbacks, the game still doesn't allow for environmental damage. It looks pretty weird seeing the hammer swing around and nothing getting broken in the process. However, things change around quite a bit in the video below.

On the upside, the second video at least shows some destructible barrels! I mean, destructible barrels... it's like the broken glass in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

I hate to come across as crass here, but Bloodborne just really lacks a lot of the “umph” that it needs to expand and grow beyond just being a cooker cutter hack-and-slash RPG.

The A.I., is pretty basic, too. It's hard to take the game serious when the enemy seems so passe. They creep out of corners with pre-scripted lumbering and they react with the kind of slow and methodical reactions we've seen from a dozen and one other enemy A.I., before it.

Not to rag on the game in its alpha state, but it's only just a handful of months out from release and it feels... sparse.

Hopefully the enemy A.I., gets a huge boost before release. I want to see more combos, more counter-attacks, more dodges and more rolls. A serious challenge is what this game appears to lack. It would also be nice to see a counter-attack of sorts, but that might be asking for too much at this stage in development.

For sure, though, the A.I., is one of the bigger problems because they feel like slash-fodder and that makes the game feel a heck of a lot more boring than it needs it.

You can look for Bloodborne to launch in February, 2015 exclusively for the PS4. Need to learn more? Feel free to pay a visit to the official website.

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