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This Borderlands Wedding Proposal Is Incredible

A guy decided to surprise his fiance by making a mission out of a wedding proposal using Borderlands. He had a loot chest printed, he ordered an Echo device decal for the iPhone and even made a replica shield generator, all so he could propose in style.

There's a lengthy blog post over on where Noah Yamen – a web designer and software developer – details the lengthy process he went through to build a series of missions around proposing to his girlfriend.

He decided to theme the proposal around Borderlands since it was a game they both played. He ordered an Echo device case for the iPhone from, which has some really awesome custom designs for all sorts of devices, including game consoles.

He designed a miniature loot chest from Borderlands to hold the ring and then had a local guy print it out for him. He hid the loot chest in her bag with the ring for when it was time to propose.

He then designed a shield generator from the game had it printed out as well and hooked up some LED lights to make it look like a working device from the game. He painted it based on the one his fiance liked in the game. There's a video of the device and how it looks in real life.

Next up, Yamen decided to make a mini iOS app with a Borderlands motif. It would offer up multiple choices and work as a replicate of the Bounty Board from the game where players would pick up random missions or story missions. He also added a ClapTrap face and even included some sound bites from Tiny Tina since she was one of his fiance's favorite characters in Borderlands 2.

Yamen took his fiance on a series of quest that were designed in the app that was installed on her phone.

Throughout the day they followed through various missions leading up to the loot chest, which contained the engagement ring.

From there he proposed to his fiance.

Part of the Tiny Tina inclusion in the app was captured in a quick video Yamen posted on YouTube that you can view below.

Borderlands is on the verge of getting a new movie and Gearbox Software is already staffing up for a third game.

The series is probably as popular as it's ever been. It's not surprising that out of the tens of millions of copies sold that people would take aspects of it into their real life... including a proposal themed around Borderlands.

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