Advanced Warfare hovertank in Bio-Lab

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature a wide range of flashy, futuristic inventions. A new screenshot from Sledgehammer Games shows off one of the bigger ones: a hovertank.

"Check out the Prototype T-740 Hovertank, Sledgehammer Games' vision for how tanks will evolve," reads a new post on the Call of Duty Facebook page.

You're probably wondering whether you'll get to control one. Yes, you do.

The screenshot was taken from a campaign mission called Bio-Lab, which Sledgehammer Games showed off behind closed doors at E3. In this mission, players infiltrated a facility in a Bulgarian forest. They then escape by commandeering this hovertank and blasting anyone foolish enough to pursue them. The experimental vehicle's capable of taking out both air and land threats. It sounds like the player is piloting the tank in addition to controlling its guns.

The hovertank sounds like a fantastic piece of hardware. I get the feeling the hovertank won't impress players quite so much within the context of the campaign, though. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is drowning in futuristic gizmos. The recent gameplay video showed spider-tanks, mechs, and swarms of attack drones.

Then there's the exoskeleton. Every soldier in this era wears an advanced suit of armor that gives them superhuman physical abilities and lets them cloak. Sledgehammer Games says that the exoskeletons are going to be the focus of Advanced Warfare's multiplayer.

Point is, the hovertank might seem downright ordinary by the time you reach it. This might be the first game in which a hovertank is the most ordinary thing.

The net result of all these new inventions is that Advanced Warfare might have a completely different feel than all of the COD games that came before it. It could be the game that I was hoping Black Ops 2 would be. That game had futuristic tech as well but to a lesser extent. Black Ops 2's campaign was heavy on Cold War flashbacks too, minimizing the effect of the brand-new gadgets they introduced.

Advanced Warfare seems more committed to showing us the future of war. Sledgehammer Games basically took every experimental weapon and gadget they could think of and threw them together in one game. Whether it turns out to be fun remains to be seen, but if nothing else it'll be different. This series has been starved for different lately.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will launch on November 4th on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

What do you think of the hovertank?

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