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The delay for No Man's Sky was really no secret but the delay was somewhat exacerbated by the rumor mill, which had some wildly dense speculation about how badly the game would be delayed. Well, when Sean Murray from Hello Games tried to explain the delay on Twitter, he was met with some not-so-kind responses from some people.

Game Informer did a quick report on how developer Sean Murray, from Hello Games, took to the PlayStation Blog to explain that No Man's Sky was being pushed out of its June release and into an early August release on the 9th for the PS4 and PC.

After making the announcement, Murray took to Twitter to apologize for the delay. A couple of days leading up to the post on the PlayStation Blog, gaming websites had already worked the community into a frenzy with rumors about how badly No Man's Sky would be delayed, leading some people to the fringe of sanity. So of course, once Murray made the apology on Twitter there were some people frothing at the mouth, ready to send death threats. Murray had a funny response for some of the more unhinged comments both him and the Hello Games studio received.

Murray had also noted that they couldn't post about the release date being delayed due to legal reasons, so after the red tape was cleared away he was then able to notify the public about No Man's Sky being pushed into August.

Majority of levelheaded people took it as good news because one: it means gamers won't have to try to worry about the big news coming out of E3 overshadowing No Man's Sky release, nor do they have to worry about the reverse happening. Second: a delayed game will eventually become a good game.

The fringe who sent the death threats are just that, a fringe. It's a little odd that this is considered news given that it happens in every fandom, across every field, from movies to comic books and especially politics. I'm sure you could dedicate a 24/7 news channel just to death threats sent toward Donald Trump.

Anyway, No Man's Sky is easily one of the most anticipated games within the last decade, and that's not hyperbole or a joke. It's one of the few games within the last two generations that's actually doing something truly ambitious and looking to push the boundaries on exploration, interaction, multiplayer and creativity. Gamers are able to dig, build, craft, and venture through the deepest trenches of space to discover all new planets and solar systems, as well as partake in smuggling runs, dogfighting against alien species, or naming aliens on various undiscovered planets. No Man's Sky could be a potential breakthrough in gaming if the sales match up to Hello Games' ambitions, and it could spark an all new direction for what kind of games we get in the near future.

Death threats or not, No Man's Sky is set to release on the PC and PS4 starting August 9.

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