Street Fighter V's Lack Of Content Is Being Worked On, Capcom Says

One of the early games to release in 2016 with a lot of hype and tons of coverage was Street Fighter V. The game came out for PC and PS4 with a ton of promotion but very little content. Gamers and press complained alike, and Capcom has decided to listen.

GameSpot picked out some choice quotes from Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono from an interview that was conducted with Game Informer, where he explains that they've heard the pleas for more content and they will be addressing it at some point in the near future. In the interim they recently introduced the character story and survival modes. Both modes offer players a bit more gameplay and content for fans to consume while they await the release of more features.

Originally Street Fighter V launched with just the basic story mode, a practice mode and the competitive online mode. Ono sort of admits that part of the reason that the game launched in such a bare-bones state was because they were trying to get the game up and out in time for the Capcom Cup.

He explains that there's a fine balance that the company has to walk between catering to casuals who aren't at all interested in Street Fighter's competitive scene, and the hardcore fans who are part of the FGC who take the game to the next level at tournaments and professional events. A large part of Street Fighter V's sustained appeal will come from how well it can maintain a presence at local, regional, national and international tournaments, something that helped Street Fighter IV recognized and talked about for years after its release.

And speaking of Street Fighter IV... Ono assures fans that while the content may be sparse at the moment in their newest game, they do plan on standing by it and supporting it throughout the years with new modes, characters and features just like they did with Street Fighter IV. In fact, he states that they might even support it for even longer, explaining in the interview...

As we've stated in the past, Street Fighter V is an evolving platform that will continue to get more refined and built upon over time,[...] For us, this is a marathon and not a sprint, and we appreciate all of the words of support as we embark on this journey together

One of the things that Capcom is doing differently this time around is focusing on unlocking content by playing the game instead of just paying for new content. Previously, gamers would just have to by Ultra Street Fighter IV if they wanted new characters and clothing options, or they would have to purchase Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition to gain access to further updates and balances between characters. For Street Fighter V gamers can simply play and unlock the new content using Fight Money. And gamers who don't want to grind for the new content can simply pay for it.

We'll see how well gamers take to the new content release model from Capcom and whether or not Capcom can consistently roll out new content in a timely enough manner to keep the masses happy.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.