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If you've been holding your breath for No Man's Sky to appear on the PS4 and PC beginning October 27th, you should stop right now and take a breather. The game is not releasing on October 27th and Hello Games' founder Sean Murray buries that rumor pretty quickly.

Over on Twitter people were asking Murray about the game's stealth release this week on Sony's PS4, and Murray shot it down very quickly, stating...

I'm not entirely sure where that rumor came from about October 27th being the release date for the game, but there have been ample rumors about No Man's Sky being released stealthily.

Rumor around the block is that the game will slip out sometime before 2015 is out. That doesn't seem too likely given that this would be a huge holiday seller and that would mean they would have to start prepping for release sometime in November (preferably with a boxed copy for all those big Black Friday bucks).

Another rumor that's been floating around quite heavily is that No Man's Sky will be a PlayStation VR launch title, previously referred to as Project Morpheus. This rumor holds a bit of weight to it because PlayStation VR is set to launch in the early first half of 2016. Given that No Man's Sky likely won't be released this holiday season – because if it were then we obviously we have heard about pre-order DLC by now – so being a PlayStation VR launch game would make a lot of sense.

Added to this, No Man's Sky has been promoted entirely as a first-person adventure, so it would easily fit right in with the PlayStation VR setup. The game is drop dead gorgeous, but more-so with its art-style rather than how intensive it is when it comes to complicated graphical effects, so it's not impossible to think that the game could very well run on Sony's VR headset depending on what the final specs are.

The game looks fairly feature complete and Sean Murray has been doing press for the game the world around, including dropping by Stephen Colbert to show the game off to a live audience on national television... and you really can't ask for better press than that... unless you have a video on YouTube that goes viral around the globe.

Anyway, we still don't know when No Man's Sky is launching, but we do know that the galaxy hopping, procedural destruction, space combat and crafting are complete. The game could literally be the biggest game ever made given that it doesn't just house various planets to visit, it houses multiple solar systems and multiple galaxies full of solar systems to visit. It's very impressive stuff.

Since Murray is mum about the final release date and release window for the game, we can only sit back and speculate for now, but given all the attention and press the game has been receiving lately, I wouldn't doubt that we could be seeing a release date announced as soon as the PlayStation Experience event this December.