Crysis 3 Might Melt Your PC, Here's A Few Tips To Keep The Melting At Bay

Not too long ago Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli made the bold claim that Crysis 3 would be closer to Crysis 1 than it would Crysis 2. By that, he means that the game will be better optimized for PC and offer high-end PC visuals. Crytek's CEO also claimed that Crysis 3's graphics would be a big step up from the previous outing, putting the series back on track as being the prime measuring stick to which graphic excellence is benchmarked. For those of you afraid of the PC-melting greatness of Crysis 3 (if it happens to be more than a talking point), TuneUp expert Sandro Villinger might have a few tips for you.

The TuneUp Blog is associated with TuneUp Utilities, a program that helps keep computers running fast and smooth. Each time a big game releases the company takes to their blog to offer up some incite and information on fine-tuning a PC for a high-end gaming experience, including tips for games like Skyrim, Crysis and the poorly optimized port of Grand Theft Auto IV.

The core tips offered in the blogs are actually quite useful and Villinger breaks down options and performance tweaking modifications that help ease the pain that some high-end games can put down on your PC. In addition to giving a lot of common sense advice, there's also detailed walkthroughs of how each graphics option affects performance and how gamers can still maintain high frame-rates and good visuals without sacrificing too much graphics fidelity.

According to Villinger, if Crysis 3 is still similar to Crysis 1 & 2 then a lot of the tips offered in both guides should still apply, only you'll have to take into consideration the scaling of computer hardware requirements, which surely would have had to undergo some changes if Crytek wanted Crysis 3 to melt PCs.

You can check out a list of the tips for improving performance and upgrades below. You'll also find tuning guides for Crysis 1 here and tuning guides for Crysi 2 here. Some of the tips are actually quite useful so it wouldn't hurt to take look. To learn more about TuneUp Utilities feel free to pay a visit to the Official Website.

Crysis 3 Performance Enhancing Tips (that don't require PC steroids)

- Keep the PC clean using TuneUp Disk Cleaner - It cleans and safely removes leftover files and temporary data from numerous programs that are no longer needed.

- Use Live Optimization to focus all CPU power on the game – An algorithm that observes the computer’s total usage in real time, allowing it to balance resources more effectively.

- Turn off all programs using Program Deactivator – This deactivates unneeded background and start-up applications while playing app-intensive games like Crysis.

- Get rid of as many startup apps as possible by using TuneUp Startup Manager

- Make sure that all the recommendations from the “Tuning Status” were followed. – These recommended steps can be found in the Crysis 1 and 2 blog posts

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.