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Crytek Says Crysis 3 Will Melt PCs

Cevat Yerli, the CEO of Crytek, is oftentimes saying some crazy things. This guy is like a walking marketing bulletin board, constantly saying things to get people interested and riled up for a product. The latest comment from Yerli to get the public puffed up (for better or for worse) is regarding Crysis 3 and its ability to melt PCs. Hopefully not from bad shaders or poor optimization.

A quick recap: The original Crysis went down in history as being one of the most visually demanding video games ever released exclusively for PC and sold quite well. Gamers argued on forums, news sites and chat rooms about how many frames per second they could must from Crysis to run on the highest settings, oftentimes upgrading their PCs based on how well they could run the game on High or Ultra. Of course, when Crytek released Crysis 2 it was condensed so it would be optimized for both consoles and PC and it pissed off a lot of PC gamers.

Since Crysis 2 was such a step backward from what Crytek achieved with the original game, it caused a torrenting backlash that didn't bode well for the game's overall sales. Unsurprisingly enough, the game didn't sell quite as well as the original Crysis.

For Crysis 3 Crytek is aiming to back to the basics and push the limit. According to DSO Gaming, Yerli stated that...

“This time we promise to melt down PCs.”...“That’s going to be another challenge. PCs are so far ahead now – from current generation consoles - so making Crysis 3 look great on the PC, like a benchmark quality on PC, and at the same time running fantastic on consoles is going to be that challenge that we didn’t have in Crysis 2 because PCs and consoles were closer.”

That's actually a lie. Crysis 2 came out in 2010 and PCs had already taken off completely from home consoles by that point. Heck, just last year Ubisoft complained that their creativity was being limited by the Xbox 360 and PS3. But at this point, the gap is now two generations apart from what we're capable of seeing from high-end PCs in comparison to home consoles, heck this quick PhysX trailer kind of says it all.

While Yerli seems to want to buff up Crysis 3 for PC, graphically, we all know that consoles have to be accounted for first and foremost so that the game isn't completely and entirely gimped from a gameplay perspective due to some technical oversight that isn't possible on home consoles.

I don't know how Crytek will make Crysis 3 “melt PCs” while being highly optimized for both consoles and computers. It seems like there's only time to do one or the other (unless they run into that DirectX 11 tessellation problem from Crysis 2). That is something I'll have to see to believe.

Yerli also talked about bridging the gap within the storyline and wrapping up the story-arc with Prophet. All those “unanswered” questions will be resolved and addressed in Crysis 3, which is set to release in early 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.