Dark Souls 3 Player Takes Out Hardest Boss With One Hit, See The Video

Dark Souls bosses are known for being super difficult, but not if you knock them out in a single shot. And that’s exactly what one player recently managed, capturing the whole thing on video. It should go without saying that thar be spoilers ahead, so read and watch at your own risk.

The above video was posted to Youtube by user neptunusequester, with little more than a title to explain what viewers were in store for. Called the “1HKO Challenge,” the video shows off arguably Dark Souls III’s toughest boss, Pontiff Sulyvahn, being bested with a single blow. I’m sure there’s a One Punch Man joke here somewhere, but damned if I can think of one right now.

The only commentary provided from the player is “Where is your second phase now, bitch?!” Come on, man! You’ve already trounced Sulyvahn with a single shot. Do you really have to go all Friday on him and rub it in his face after the fact?

Anyway, as you can see in the video, neptunuesequester’s cocky swagger doesn’t end with the post-fight taunting. He entered battle wearing a simple pair of trousers, the tiniest shield in the game and a massive cleaver.

After spawning at the bonfire, he heads directly for the goal, a showdown against Pontiff Sulyvahn. Once he enters the church, he goes all berserk before charging into battle courtesy of some spells and buffs. It should also be noted that his health is damn-near empty at the start of this showdown. A carefully placed parry later and, boom, down goes Pontiff. Obviously the player had a lot of stats and buffs working in their favor, hence the seemingly easy victory.

In case you’re thinking you’re going to boot up Dark Souls III and walk through this boss just as easily, maybe don’t hold your breath just yet. Dark Souls hasn’t gotten easier, this guy just did everything imaginable to stack the odds in their favor. And though no information is given on stats, gear, etc., the current theory is that such a feat isn’t even possible until tackling Dark Souls III’s New Game Plus and, even then, only after collecting certain items and spells.

This kind of dedication to dominating a Souls game shouldn’t come as a surprise, as players have been managing similar feats for the past several years now. Something about this notoriously difficult series has led to gamers trying to best it using a dance pad, a drum peripheral, upside-down and the like. Which brings me to me next point: Nice one-hit kill, neptunuesquester, but now let’s see you do it with nothing more than a mic from Rock Band.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.