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An amateur LEGO engineer has crafted a weapon that will make every Destiny player salivate: the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher.

A YouTuber who goes by ZaziNombies used over 3,500 LEGO bricks to create the weapon. The white and gold monstrosity is approximately 46 inches long and weighs over 15 pounds. ZaziNombies even repurposed some tiny, LEGO wings to maintain the gun's angelic appearance.

The most iconic part of the Gjallarhorn is a gigantic, gold wolf head. But, to my knowledge, the LEGO corporation doesn't manufacture any severed wolf heads. So, ZaziNombies used a Bionicle headpiece instead.

Here's how he describes the creation:

"In destiny, the Gjallarhorn is the weapon to have. It can deal up to 331 solar damage when fully upgraded. I also built a Lego grip on it with some tires, so it's got some good traction. I used tons of pearl-gold pieces, and it doesn't have a wolf head, but it does have the head of a Bionicle – the 2006 Brutaka Bionicle."

There's a lot of overlap between the LEGO and gamer communities, so these kinds of tributes aren't out of the ordinary. LEGO-branded video games have been around since 1997, and the company recently released a handful of official Minecraft sets. Plastic bricks and video games will always intermingle, but few people personify the LEGO/gamer crossbreed like ZaziNombies.

Destiny's Gjallarhorn Launcher

He's been building life-sized LEGO props since 2009. Almost every week, a new creation shows up on his YouTube channel, and many of them can only be described as "ridiculous" or "wicked-sweet." He built a replica of Team Fortress 2's sentry gun and the ray gun from Black Ops 2. Plus, he built the gravity gun from Half Life 2.

Half Life 3 confirmed.

I have very few LEGOs in my house, but the ones that I do have always end up puncturing my feet during my nighttime bathroom run. I can't even imagine what the bottoms of ZaziNombies' feet look like.