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Destiny Christmas Gifts Being Delivered Now

Destiny's free Christmas gifts are finally arriving in players' mailboxes. These presents might be more useful than you think.

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Destiny players on Reddit report that the gifts are being sent out by an "Unknown Benefactor." You'll get one per account, rather than one per character.

Bungie described these gifts yesterday as "small, but Legendary tokens of gratitude." As it turns out, they're not so small, though. They're Legendary weapons. They can be primary, secondary or heavy. The perks are randomized so you could end up with something really powerful or a complete dud.

Naturally, some players are disappointed by the present even if it is free. Some players were expecting a unique cosmetic item such as a Sparrow or Ghost shell. Either option wouldn't have necessarily been "useful" but at least every player would be receiving something brand-new.

These weapons will be a great help to players that need them, though. Bungie apparently decided that making a few lucky players very happy was better than making everyone slightly happy. Or maybe they just realized that giving out randomized weapons is a lot less time-consuming than creating new items.

Bungie was bound to piss someone off with the gift, even though it's a free item delivered right to them. If it was a new Sparrow, someone would've wished it was a Ghost shell. If it was a Ghost shell, someone would've wished it was a Sparrow. Whenever you announce a gift well in advance, the recipients have time to set their expectations.

Me, I'm just glad it's not a shader or emblem. We've already got plenty of those.

The free gifts were supposed to be released on Christmas Day. Bungie delayed the presents until today due to a DDoS attack on PSN and Xbox Live, though. The attack rendered the online game unplayable for several days on all consoles.

If you want brand-new items for the game, you may have to wait awhile. A leak suggests that the next expansion pack won't be out until March. There's a chance that Bungie could add extra loot to the game before then via a free update but they haven't made any announcements to that effect.

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