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Destiny The King's Fall Raid Beaten Hours After Launch

Destiny's top players have once again proven that they're equal to any challenge the game can throw at them. A group of gamers beat the new King's Fall raid, part of new expansion The Taken King, just hours after its launch.

Bungie community manager Cozmo announced the world-first kill of King's Fall final boss Oryx over Twitter last night:

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Planet Destiny took a screenshot of the total stats for this first clear. Look at how many deaths they racked up in the process:

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Shortly after Oryx fell, a second team managed to get the kill:

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Gothalion, a streamer who was part of the first team to take down Oryx, said that preparing for their feat was time-consuming. They spent "over 50 hours" since The Taken King's launch getting their characters prepared.

To an outside observer, it might seem disappointing that King's Fall only took hours to learn and complete. Players have been waiting months for the raid and could be waiting just as long for a new raid. However, Gothalion said that he was very impressed by this latest adventure:

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King's Fall is set in the Dreadnaught, a massive ship orbiting Saturn. Oryx and his Taken minions have traveled to the solar system to get revenge on Earth. Players confronted and killed his son Crota during the raid included with previous expansion The Dark Below. To tackle King's Fall, players don't need to complete an attunement quest. Instead, they just have to hit level 40, get some solid gear and find teammates.

The Taken King also introduces a bunch of other content. Players can fight Oryx's forces in a new set of story missions and Strikes. In the process, they'll acquire powerful new gear and unlock a new subclass for their character. The Crucible, meanwhile, has added new PvP maps and modes.

The expansion pack costs $40 to download. Bungie is also selling a $60 Legendary edition of Destiny that includes the base game, Taken King, The Dark Below, and House of Wolves. If you don't own a PS4, you can get the game along with a Destiny-themed console.

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