Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is Now Backward Compatible For Xbox One

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now supported through backward compatibility on the Xbox One. And while the multi-disc version of the game is not yet ready to roll, it sounds like a solution isn’t too far off.

It was announced yesterday that Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be joining the Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup for January alongside other titles like Killer Instinct and Dirt: Showdown. That’s great news for folks who have yet to play the game and are looking forward to downloading the digital copy. But what about gamers who already have a physical copy of Human Revolution for the Xbox 360 and just want to enjoy it on their Xbox One?

Well, now they can, with one caveat. The Deus Ex official twitter account announced today that Human Revolution was ready to roll as a backward compatible game. But, that only applies to the standard edition of the game, as the Director’s Cut is not yet supported.

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So what’s the difference, and why is this still technically good news? Well, the Director’s Cut was actually a two-disc game which, as far as we knew, Microsoft had not figured out a way to make work through the Xbox One’s version of backward compatibility.

As you’ll see from this second tweet, however, support for those games that span multiple discs is expected “early next year.” That opens up the possibility that a whole bunch of bigger games might soon be added to the backward compatibility catalog soon, too.

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That’s especially good news for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, though, because many folks would argue that the multi-disc Director’s Cut was the greatly improved version of the game. It fixed many of the game’s more minor problems, as well as adjusted what many critics considered the only major downfall of the otherwise well-liked action title: The boss fights.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t celebrate today’s news by firing up the standard edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution if you’ve got it lying around. Even the standard edition was loved by fans and critics alike, so that should give you something to help get you through the holidays. Otherwise, for all of you Director’s Cut fans out there, just hold tight. It sounds like support for your version of the game, as well as other multi-disc games from the Xbox 360 era, could be just around the corner.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.