Blizzard Entertainment has issued a call to arms for budding artists. They want you to send them your best original artwork depicting a Diablo 3 hero.

"If you are up to the challenge, then we invite you to join the Diablo III Portrait of a Champion Art Contest. We ask that you use your skills to immortalize a mighty champion of Sanctuary," said Blizzard. "Perhaps your original artwork will capture a monk, deep in meditation, calmly preparing to face the slavering minions of hell. You could create a thrilling piece capturing the moment a mighty wizard blasts demonic fiends into dust. Whichever of Diablo III’s mighty heroes you choose to depict, and whatever tale your art tells, let the power of your creativity guide you."

Blizzard says that cream of the crop will be featured on the official Diablo III community site. A select few will win "impressive prizes." Presumably free copies of D3 will be among the rewards.

The company isn't accepting entries just yet but they did reveal some of the guidelines so you can start working on your masterpiece. All images must be original and your own work. The file can't be larger in size than 5MB and the resolution must be 1600 x 1200 or higher.

Blizzard hasn't announced a release date for Diablo 3 yet. It should arrive between April and June but that's only an estimate. Blizzard has stated in the past that "no one will remember if the game is late" if it turns out to be a solid game. While this patient attitude might result in a better product, it's also led to a lot of teasing from players.

Said one user: "My drawing will be done when it's ready."

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