The indie invasion continues across all Sony platforms as HumaNature Studios announces the impending cross-platform launch of Doki-Doki Universe, arriving next Tuesday, Dec. 10, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

For one tidy sum of $14.99, players can grab Doki-Doki Universe for all three of Sony’s consoles, letting them take a cross-galaxy trek as curious robot QT3 who, along with the help of his buddy, Alien Jeff, hopes to one day understand humanity.

The game proper will feature the full story mode, as well as 31 personality quizzes for the player to enjoy and the “Doki-Doki Mail Messaging System.” If, however, you prefer to take your new games for a test drive, there will also be a Starter Pack available that lets you tackle the tutorial planet, QT3’s home planet, the Doki-Doki mail system and 16 of those personality quizzes. That’s a lot of content for zero dollars and, if you’re picking up what the game is putting down, you can then throw in the 15 bucks to purchase the rest of the game.

A puzzle adventure game, Doki-Doki Universe is one of those game that is better shown than described. Basically, you’ll journey around the universe helping various forms of alien life solve their everyday problems and, in doing so; grow to learn more about yourself and what it means to be human in the process. While the above trailer gives you an idea of what the game looks like in motion, HumaNature’s Greg Johnson dropped by the PlayStation Blog recently to deliver some good news for those who would prefer a more thorough explanation of what to expect out of the game.

The HumaNature team will doing a live playthrough of one of the game’s levels via the PlayStation Twitch channel on Dec. 10. They’ll also be giving away voucher codes to download the game for some lucky watchers. No word on the start time yet, so keep your eye on the page for further updates.

As a primer, Johnson has stated that the level he’ll be playing was chosen due to its appropriately snowy setting. QT3 will be visiting the planet Brrr, where his goal is to help a young snowman who can’t stand the cold and his father, who is worried about his son becoming sick all of the time, grow to understand one another better.

“In this scene, you help them resolve their problems by conjuring up items and helping them to communicate,” Johnson explained. “As we play through this new level on the livestream, we’ll show you how QT3 ultimately helps Junior [the young snowman] and his dad.”

Otherwise, get ready for a hand-drawn, creative good time once Doki-Doki Universe arrives on all PlayStation platforms early next week.

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