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Dragon Age 3, the next chapter in BioWare's medieval fantasy RPG series, made an appearance at EA's E3 presser. The CGI trailer confirms that fan-favorite Morrigan will be returning in this game.

In DA3, Thedas is in serious trouble. Dragons, once a rarity, are terrorizing the land. Meanwhile, a war rages between the Mages and Templars. At the center of it all is the player, an Inquisitor who must hunt down the parties responsible for this unrest.

BioWare is taking inspiration from Skyrim in designing DA3. Players will be able to freely explore the game world. Signature DA elements like moral decisions will still be present, though.

I'm glad to see Morrigan will be in the game. She's arguably the most memorable character introduced in the series to date. Her presence will help establish a link between DA3 and previous installments in spite of all the gameplay changes, too.

DA3 will arrive in Fall 2014. Rumors of a 2014 release window began late last year.

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