Dragon Ball Xenoverse Patch Paves The Way For DLC Pack 2

Attentive Dragonball Xenoverse players may have noticed a patch was plugged into the game yesterday afternoon though, as is often the case these days, no information was provided as to what, exactly, the patch actually did. Bandai Namco broke silence on the update this morning, explaining that the latest patch is intended to prepare the game for its second DLC pack, which is actually due out next week.

According to a recent post on the Bandai Namco blog, Xenoverse’s DLC Pack 2, also known as “GT Pack 2,” will arrive next week across all platforms. We’ll give you a quick refresher on what type of content that DLC pack will contain in a moment but, in the meantime, let’s take a gander at what yesterday’s patch changed within the game.

For starters, you level grinders will be happy to know that the cap has finally shifted from 80 to 85. Also helpful for folks trying to get their hands on all of the in-game loot, “Warning” events have been increased within parallel quests, meaning you’ll be kicking additional butts with more regularity.

You’ll notice a few placement changes when visiting Toki Toki City, Xenoverse’s hub world, too. For starters, you will now find yourself standing near Time Machine Station after clearing parallel quests. The position of Masters has also been changed but, since I haven’t booted the game up yet, I can’t tell you where they’re actually standing now.

Given the occasionally rocky servers, it’s also nice to learn that when you get kicked from the Xenoverse servers, you’ll no longer be booted to the main menu. Instead, you’ll simply be able to continue playing in offline mode.

br> There’s also some bad news, assuming you’re a cheater. Players who have been “employing various cheating techniques” will no longer be able to log into multi-lobbies or join online battles and parallel quests. There’s no word on what those techniques are or what the duration of banning will be, but I assume it’s nothing to worry about if you aren’t a no-good-lousy-stinking-cheater-face.

A few other small changes have also been implemented, including a reduction in communication delay for online battles, and the removal of capsule use in endless battles.

There was also likely some behind the scenes changes to gear up for DLC Pack 2, which includes new playable characters Mira, Towa, Eis Shenron and Nuova Shenron, as well as some new story missions, a handful of new parallel quests, new masters to learn from and a whole bunch of goodies including new costumes, new moves, new accessories and the like.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s DLC Pack 2 will set you back 10 bucks on its own, or you can pick up the season pass of all three planned packs for $25.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.