Today Funcom revealed that a third game in the adventure series The Longest Journey is in development. Dreamfall Chapters will be created by Red Thread Games, founded by Journey creator Ragnar Tørnquist.

Tørnquist previously served as the game director for Funcom's supernatural MMO The Secret World. He has stepped down from this post but will continue as creative director, a more advisory role, while working on Chapters. Joel Bylos has replaced him as game director for Secret

Funcom still owns the rights to the Journey series but will license it to Red Thread. Red Thread will fund and produce the game on its own. However, the press release mentions that the two companies have a "revenue sharing agreement" in place.

The Longest Journey was released for the PC in 1999. The adventure game was set in two parallel universes: the magical Arcadia and the technologically advanced Stark. The player character was April Ryan, an art student able to shift between these worlds.

Funcom released a sequel, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, on Xbox and PC in 2006. Dreamfall continued April's storyline while also introducing two more playable characters. The ending left the door wide open for a sequel, so today is a great day for fans eager to complete the saga - or at least continue it.

Red Thread didn't provide any details about Chapters itself. They promise that this information will be coming soon, though.

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