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If you're searching for a reason to buy an Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive could be it. Insomniac Games showed off an impressive trailer of the Xbox One exclusive during E3 today.

Sunset Overdrive takes place in the fictional Sunset City in 2027. This city is ruled by the sleazy FizzCo. How sleazy are they? Well, their new energy drink is turning people into mutants. The player must travel throughout the city and mop up these hordes of mutants.

In the gameplay demo, our hero is fighting his way through an amusement park. He's about as nimble as a Looney Tunes character. He slides along rails, uses ropes like ziplines and bounces off treetops like they're trampolines.

What makes his agility even more impressive is that he's carrying around a small arsenal. The guns at his disposal include a grenade launcher, assault rifle and freeze ray. He doesn't have to stop swinging and leaping around the map to use them, either. Sunset Overdrive lets you take out dozens of enemies without slowing down a bit.

Another thing I really like about the game is how unpretentious it is. Unlike every other sandbox game set in a dystopia, it's not trying to be gritty or bleak. A serious narrative isn't a bad thing, mind you, but I'm a bit tired of every game trying to be Blade Runner.

With Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games seems comfortable just offering up goofy, high-speed fun. If the rest of the game lives up to this trailer, Insomniac is going to succeed in that mission. It's hard not to smile at a guy sliding along a rollercoaster track and punting mutants while he does it. I have to agree with Will's earlier assessment that the game's like Jet Set Radio mixed with Dead Rising.

The trailer just showed a lone player but recent evidence suggested that the game supports co-op for up to eight. Here's the confirmation from Insomniac this morning:

It's hard to imagine co-op, after seeing how much hell only one player can raise. Eight-player co-op is pretty insane no matter what game you're playing. With a game this over-the-top and crazy, though? That would be amazing as long as the framerate holds up with all that activity.

The game will launch on October 28th exclusively for the Xbox One.

What did you think of the Sunset Overdrive trailer?

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