Elder Scrolls Online, the MMO set in the same universe as Skyrim and Morrowind, will be open for testing soon. The new beta FAQ on the game's website says that invites will be sent out by the end of the month.

"We’ll post notifications on our website and social media channels whenever we send a batch of invitations," says the FAQ. "When we do, check the e-mail address you used to register for the beta. If you’ve been selected, you’ll receive an invitation with instructions."

The email will include a download link for the beta client. The client is about 20GB in size. ZeniMax will send out the email invite early so you have time to complete this download before the event begins.

The beta will start with weekend sessions. Each of these beta events will have a specific objective. The developers will be looking for tester feedback on certain areas or features. Being invited to one event doesn't mean you'll be invited to others.

As the game's launch gets closer, the testing events will become more frequent. They'll also last longer. These longer tests will allow players to test progression and other global features. While the tests in March and April will have small groups of testers, later tests will involve thousands.

Beta sign-ups began in January. The sign-up form asks gamers to specify what kind of content they enjoy. Invites will be based on these interests, as well as other criteria such as territory and computer specs.

ZeniMax cautions that scammers might sent out fake invites to get your personal information. If you're not sure whether an invite email is legitimate, check the game's website or social media accounts for announcements about invites. Alternately, you can contact the support team.

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