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Epic Mickey 2 is being given a second lease on life, returning to the gaming forefront this June for the PlayStation Vita, complete with enhanced features.

Of all the ports making their way to Sony's handheld, Epic Mickey 2 is one of the most surprising. Released last year for home consoles, it wasn't exactly a commercial success and critics were only so-so on Mickey Mouse's latest romp in the world of video games.

But just because it's an odd selection to appear on the Vita doesn't mean we shouldn't be willing to give it another look, right? I mean, it's Mickey-freaking-Mouse we're talking about.

We've known that this port was coming for a while now, but we never really knew when it would actually be arriving on the Vita. Until today, that is. SCEA Product Planning and Platform Softwar Innovation Director Don Mesa has officially announced that Epic Mickey 2 will be painting its way back to our hearts this June.

“We're always looking for new experiences to bring to PS Vita owners, and many times it's as easy as looking at the extensive catalog of games that make up the PS3 library,” Mesa said. “Today we're announcing that PS Vita owners will be able to check out Disney Interactive's Epic Mickey 2 on PS Vita next month, on June 18th.”

Mesa goes on to highlight some of the Vita version's enhanced features, including ad hoc multiplayer and a new way to control the paint, thinner and electric beam mechanics using the touch screen. Motion sensing can also be used to operate the camera and while driving.

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