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Polar, a company that specializes in polls, has recently opened up their Generation 8 poll between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Unsurprisingly enough, the numbers are still heavily in favor of the PlayStation 4 despite Microsoft's DRM reversal announcement.

Polar's poll is probably a lot more representative of real-world purchasing decisions next to Amazon's Facebook consumer poll, given that Polar specializes in polls and has a companion app that allows mobile users and web users to participate, we get a much more varied and casual pool of users and potential consumers as opposed to the standard game-centric crowd that you might find with polls held by places like Green Man Gaming or IGN.

But no one comes to these articles to read about data pool samplings and metric variances, the only thing anyone cares about is what the numbers look like and according to the stats: The PS4 leads the Xbox One with 55% of the general vote, where-as the Xbox One sits at 45% of the vote (as of the publishing of this article).

In terms of motion controls: 67% of people prefer the Xbox One's Kinect 2.0 to the PlayStation 4's Eyetoy 2.0.

The Xbox One also pulls out ahead regarding controller menu buttons and social sharing functionality, with 64% of participants preferring the Xbox One sharing and menu features over the PS4.

The PS4 pulls ahead in about every other category, grabbing controller innovation with 65% of the vote, controller triggers with 56% of the vote, the headset design with 64% and the controller aesthetic with 55%.

Regarding family-oriented games, the Xbox One pulls out with Project Spark gaining 65% of the vote over the PlayStation 4's Knack, which only garnered 35% of confidence from consumers.

In the exclusive racing game category, more than 68% of people voted for Forza Motorsport 5 over Drive Club, giving the edge to the Xbox One.

In the shooter game category more than 63% of individuals are looking forward to Killzone: Shadow Fall over the timed Xbox One exclusive, Titanfall, and in a very surprising twist of numerical cadence, 53% of people prefer Quantum Break as a new IP for the Xbox One over The Order 1886 for the PlayStation 4. Seriously, I honestly think that the werewolf hunting game in a different time period is a lot more interesting than another blockbuster shooter game with slow motion and time distortion, but hey, what do I know?

If the average person participating in the poll is reflective of what the average user thinks about the new-generation consoles, it's not surprising results. Let's take into consideration that it looks like big explosions and traditional AAA style presentations is still a selling point for many people (i.e,. Quantum Break) and brand recognition trumps the fancy new racer on the block (i.e., Forza Motorsport beating out Drive Club).

For the rest of it, though, it appears that price and convenience seems to be major selling point for the PlayStation 4. Then again, when the poll asked which console would consumers consider getting if the Xbox One was $400, 59% still said that they would go with the PlayStation 4 over Microsoft's new console. And if the pricing was reversed and the PS4 cost $500, consumers still said they would prefer it over the Xbox One.

So what did we learn here today folks? That Microsoft bungled the reveal of the Xbox One so badly that even with a policy enema and an olive branch of region free gaming, people have already moved over to the Sony camp for permanent residency.

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