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GamersFirst has announced that their open-world, post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Fallen Earth, has been updated to version 2.6. The latest version brings with it some great new additions while keeping the core survival, hunting and scavenging aspects in place. Gamers can now own a farm homestead and plant crops and raise animals.

Fallen Earth is a different take on the MMO genre because just about everything that exist in the game world can be crafted. The focus is on scavenging, crafting and trading. In the latest update players are able to plant various sized farms anywhere in the wasteland, complete with a farmhouse.

Asa Reed, Producer for Fallen Earth commented in the press release, saying...
“Farming has arrived, and promises to redefine how players perceive and utilize the vast Wasteland of Fallen Earth”.... “By creating an outlet for players who relish the idea of establishing their own roots in world, farms provide players a visible economic and social reward for their hard work which they can share with their friends and clan mates.”

Pretty cool update right there. This should really help bring the game world to life and add a new strategic element of interaction for a lot of people.

You can hop into Fallen Earth right now for no charge. The free-to-play MMO can also be accessed from Steam's PC client. For more information on the update feel free to visit the Official Website. You can check out the 2.6 update list below.

Key Features Include:

* Size Matters: Place one of three different sized farms anywhere in the game world. The farms come in 3 plot, 6 plot, and 9 plot variants.

* Plant your seed: Plant seeds or use animal cloning kits in your available plots and watch them grow into full sized plants and livestock.

* Hot and sweaty work gets rewarded: Harvest plants and utilize livestock for rare and valuable materials.

* Take a load off in your own farm: Enjoy your own cozy farmhouse, standard with each farm; larger farmhouses even have indoor space with seating, usable vaults and more.

* What’s in your box? The Dusty Box, a new lockbox, brings all new Western-Themed gear into the Wasteland!

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