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Ubisoft has released plenty of videos for Far Cry 3 showing off the savages that inhabit the game's various islands. The latest trailer focuses on how a normal, law-abiding gamer like you managed to find themselves stuck with all of those maniacs.

The player character is Jason Brody, a young tourist. He and his friends come to the islands to party but are soon attacked by the criminals that lord over the area. Jason sets out to rescue his girlfriend and all of his friends from their clutches.

Fortunately, Jason isn't completely helpless. His background is currently unknown but he seems to be pretty handy with a gun. As he faces the islands' various dangers, he'll become just as violent as the criminals he's fighting. Hopefully he survives with his sanity intact.

Far Cry 3 will debut in mainland Europe and Australia on November 29th. The UK and US release dates are slated for November 30th and December 4th, respectively.

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