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One of the biggest complaints from the PC gaming audience when it comes to first-person shooters is the field of vision. This is basically the screen depth from the perspective of the player-character. Oftentimes the FOV is set pretty low for console gamers and there's usually a slider for PC gamers to help give more range in the viewing perspective. This feature plays a part in how aiming can be handled and maximizing the in-game view for those with large-screens and high resolutions. Well, some gamers recently found out that they couldn't modify the FOV in Far Cry 4, and they were notified that it was because they had pirated the game.

Joystiq caught the tweet that exposed the whole thing in the public sphere. PC gamers complaining about the FOV slider not being present were treated to this bit of a revelation from Ubisoft's creative director on Far Cry 4, Alex Hutchinson.

Oh burn.

Some users did retort that they were playing from foreign countries where they didn't have access to the game. I'm not really sure what the solution is to people who like that.

Far Cry 4 is another open-world first-person shooter that works a standalone in the long-running series that's getting close to being nearly 15 years old.

Players will take charge of a protagonist who is thrust into a civil war being waged between an eccentric military dictator named Pagan Min and the group of natives rallying forces to take him down.

Very much like Far Cry 3, players will utilize the open world to fight off animals, engage in shootouts with soldiers and commandeer vehicles whenever it suits the needs of the player.

Some of the new features in this game includes an expanded ecosystem featuring more animals in a Far Cry game than ever before. Some of the new vehicles include a gyrocopter as well as a wingsuit for gliding through canyons and cliffs like a bonafide badass.

The game also sports a wide range of weaponry, ranging from standard pistols and sub-machine guns to sniper-rifles and shotguns, as well as all the standard ordinance in between. The pre-order bonuses opened up an even wider array of specialty weapons, assuming you don't mind paying for a game before it's released.

Far Cry 4 is available right now for the old-gen and new-gen consoles. The game has already scored quite well on Metacritic, garnering the much-lauded and highly sought-after 85 out of 100 that many publishers seek out. I wonder if that means that Ubisoft will be handing out bonuses to the development teams? I'm sure no one got a bonus after the mess that was Assassin's Creed Unity.

As for those having FOV issues? Well, if you didn't pirate the game then you have a pretty good reason to complain.

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