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Final Fantasy fans might want to power up their mobile devices today and get to battling the forces of chaos as Final Fantasy: Record Keeper finally arrives on both iOS and Android here in North America.

It’s so nice to write a title for a Final Fantasy game without some crazy, made up nonsense like Crystale Nuevo 17 Fantastis attached to the end of it. But while Square Enix might be notorious for having questionable naming capabilities, one thing they’ve gotten good at over the years is crafting interesting roleplaying games full of memorable encounters.

And it’s those very encounters that serve as the driving force of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, a new free-to-play game that’s finally made its way out west.

According to a press release from DeNA and Square Enix, Record Keeper lets fans relive their “favorite moments across all past Final Fantasy installments,” building a team of legendary heroes and taking part in traditional turn-based battles while collecting items, earning new abilities and calling upon fierce allies in battles.

I love when Square Enix decides to have a bit of fun with the Final Fantasy universe, bringing characters from various games together to fight together, or against each other, on a quest to tilt the scales of fate. Whether we’re talking about Kingdom Hearts, Theatrhythm or Dissidia, it’s pretty cool to see such unique characters come together in a common story.

According to Square Enix, Record Keeper will deliver the entire FF universe into the palm of your hands, allowing players to recruit a team of customizable heroes like Lightning, Cloud, Tidus and the rest. You can equip them in legendary gear, cast well-known spells and basically squeal with fanboy/girl excitement at all of the fan service peppered throughout.

“The wait is finally over for fans who have been anxiously awaiting the release of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper in North America,” said DeNA West CEO Shintaro Asako. “The game truly delivers the entire Final Fantasy universe that payers know and love in one immersive experience that won’t disappoint.”

For you trivia buffs out there, DeNA is the same company Nintendo has partnered with for its recently announced future in the mobile industry.

The Active Time Battle system is utilized for the combat, mixing strategic gameplay with turn-based action. It sounds like you can expect the typical free-to-play “collect and fight” setup but, you know, with a Final Fantasy twist. Early user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, but we’d be more interested in hearing what our readers think about the game in the comments section below. It’s not uncommon to read a five-star reader review that simply states, “Just downloaded it! Can’t wait to play.”

Download Final Fantasy: Record Keeper free of charge on either the App Store or Google Play.

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