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Firewatch Dev Gears Up For Next Week's Release With Four Mini Trailers

Campo Santo has been receiving a heck of a lot of praise for their upcoming first-person adventure game, Firewatch. It definitely makes sense why people are chatting about as much as they are because it looks gorgeous and has a very smooth dialogue system that keeps players feeling like they're in the world.

To prep for the release of this hotly anticipated game, Campo let loose a YouTube playlist featuring four teaser trailers from the game. Shacknews spotted those trailers and you can watch them for yourself below.

The clips mostly take place from early on in the game near the beginning where forest lookout Henry gets acquainted with Delilah. The duo chat and banter all throughout the game with players being able to make on-the-fly decisions to change the course of the dialogue.

There's something really foreboding about the promotion of the game that makes it seem as if there's some kind of horror element involved. However, so far the only gameplay footage that has been released consists mostly of the player walking around as Henry, solving some minor misdemeanors and climbing and walking around in the environment.

I don't really want to say that Firewatch is a walking simulator because it's really not. It has the appearance, charm and pace of a walking simulator but it's far more interactive and closer to the likes of being a first-person point and click game. I'm reminded of games like BioShock, Kentucky Route Zero, Among The Sleep and Sherlock Holmes. There's a strong sense of exploration and environmental curiosity that players are encouraged to exploit.

You might even say that it's a similar game to The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which came out back in 2014, where players would scour the environment and look for clues in order to advance the story.

While some descriptions of Firewatch may place it in the walking sim category, it's a lot more action-oriented and interactive than something like The Chinese Room's Everybody's Gone To The Rapture or Fullbright's Gone Home. As mentioned, there is the option to climb on things, duck under things, sprint and pick up and throw objects.

Speaking of picking up objects... one of my favorite moments from a gameplay demo they released a while back of Firewatch included the player character picking up a boombox and listening to some tunes for a while. It was an inventive use of the radio and definitely made me question what other kinds of interactivity would be afforded to curious gamers? I guess we'll find out on February 9 when Firewatch launches for the PS4 and PC.

Campo Santo has kept a lot of the game closely guarded and I'm sure this will be a very popular title on the YouTube scene when it launches. In the meantime, you can keep track of the title by paying a visit to the game's official website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.