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Four New Indie Games In The Works Sponsored By IGN, GameSpy

IGN and their subsidiary, GameSpy, obviously see the creative ingenuity bottled up in the indie community and they're willing to work closely with select teams to help get innovative and creative new projects off the ground that could potentially help shape the next generation of gaming.

GameSpy Technologies Indie Open-House has moved into the second round of the program, where they have invited four different indie teams to work in their facilities with provided tech support, media coverage and technology to bring their games to life.

For six months Cryptic Sea, Interabang Entertainment, Misfit Attic and Wolfire will be working in the IGN-owned office studio to flesh out their respective projects.

Drew Curby, Senior Director, GameSpy Technology commented in the press release saying...

“Indie game developers may not have multimillion dollar budgets, but they are innovating with creative gameplay ideas and the drive to craft an experience uniquely their own,” ... “GameSpy Technology is proud to give these guys a space and a means to share ideas, collaborate, and create their games.”

I'm probably most excited to see how Wolfire comes out of the whole ordeal. They're the guys behind the whole Humble Indie Bundle charity concept, as well as the highly anticipated OverGrowth, which is an open-world, physics-based fighting game.

Cryptic Sea’s Alex Austin also shared a few of his thoughts on the project, saying...

“One of the valuable benefits of Cryptic Sea’s participation in the Indie Open House program has been the opportunity to share new gameplay ideas and experimental demos with like-minded indie developers to get their feedback,”... “Having so many indie guys under one roof gives each project its own little workshop"

Each developer will have exclusive access to IGN's headquarters, participation in the demo days to help get their games noticed by publishers, retailers, media and IGN and GameSpy's editorial teams, as well as free licensing to the GameSpy Cross-Platform API Tech.

If you're an indie dev looking to break into the industry with a great idea or the know-how but you just need that little extra boost to get your project off the ground, feel free to check out the Official IGN Open-House Program Website to see if you qualify to participate.

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