Humble Bundle Inc. has released another pay-whatever-you-want collection of indie games. The four titles in the Humble Bundle for Android can be played on PC, Mac, and Linux in addition to Android phones and tablets.

The Humble Android Bundle comes with "reverse tower defense" game Anomaly: Warzone Earth as well as puzzlers Osmos and EDGE. You can name your price for these games, but if you spend more than the average (currently $4.88), you'll also get physics game World of Goo.

As usual, you can choose where to send the money from your purchase. You can make sure your favorite developer gets more of a share, or tip Humble Bundle Inc. for their great deals. Alternately, you can give the money to the Child's Play charity or digital rights advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation. The EFF is one of the groups who made a stand against SOPA/PIPA, so this might be a good opportunity to show your thanks.

The bundle can be purchased here. You can buy it through PayPal, Google Checkout, or Amazon. The game collection will be available until 6PM EST on February 14th.

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