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Free World At War Map, More Nazi Zombies For PS3/Xbox 360 Owners

Starting today, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners can download a new map for Call of Duty: World at War for free. The release of the new map coincides with the release of the second title update.

The catch is that it's just an old night-time map (Makin) that's now set during the day. But at least it's exclusive, right? Well, not exactly - PC users got the map earlier in February with a patch. PC owners getting DLC before your console? Oh, the embarrassment.

The most notable part of the patch is the fact that the Nazi Zombie co-op multiplayer mode is now available to all regardless of whether you finished the single-player campaign. Here's the full list of major changes courtesy of the official game forums:

  • Added support for downloadable maps – free downloadable map “Makin Day” now available to Xbox 360 & PS3.
  • Improved host migration functionality.
  • After Action Report now displays full post-game stats.
  • Nazi Zombies is now unlocked for solo & co-op games for EVERYONE in both private and public games!
  • Added defensive measures to prevent “Stats Reset” when corrupt data is detected.
  • Addressed issues where some solo progression data was lost when a player had collected Death Cards in a split-screen co-op game.
  • Patched all known MP map exploits – this fix will also prevent players from passing through geometry/terrain if a new hole is discovered.
  • Patched a number of Nazi Zombie exploits.
  • Addressed an issue commonly referred to as the “elevator glitch.”
  • Disabled “Rocket Jumping” – this eliminates the extra boost created by all explosive weapon types.
  • Addressed some score reporting anomalies in the War and CTF leaderboards.
  • Blocked the ability of players with lower level accounts from accessing higher-level Perks.
  • Addressed an issue in Search & Destroy where bomb planting/defusing was disabled when opening the overhead map.
  • Disabled ability to get unlimited ammo when prone with a deployed bipod.
  • Addressed an issue with Bouncing Betties triggering when the player is within the detonation radius but behind a solid wall.
  • Improved squad functionality.
  • Fixed an exploit where Hardcore matches could be ended immediately by team killing.

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