GTA 5 Petition Asks Rockstar Not To Make A PC Version

If you want to get something done, you do it yourself. If you want to make yourself look like a fool, take up a cause as a fanboy activist. A certain Trevor Phillips has decided to take those former mantras and apply them to his active petition, begging Rockstar not to release Grand Theft Auto V on PC.

GamesReviews picked up the news from over on Reddit, where apparently fanboyism from the console peasants has reached a whole new low. Over on a petition was started up for the sole purpose of blocking PC gamers from playing the latest GTA title. Why? Because they need to learn their lesson.

According to Sir-Troll Trevor, it was done so “So PC Gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games”.

Oh burn.

After flaming up and flaming out on N4G more than a Liberace parade sponsored by Red Bull, some gamers finally got their wits about them and realized... “Oh wait, the Xbox 360 has games pirated just as much as PC.” and then it dawned on fanboys that most early leaks happen on the Xbox 360, and it's likely to happen with GTA V as well. I mean, it's happened with Gears of War: Judgment, and with Call of Duty: Black Ops, Resident Evil 6 and even with the Xbox 360 exclusive, Halo 4.

The reality is that you're likely to find more AAA titles on torrents for the Xbox 360 than you will for PC, mostly because it's cheaper, easier and less of a hassle to buy games from Steam (with built-in mod support) than to torrent. In fact, one group of gamers debated on the forums whether it would be better to torrent games or get them through Steam, and most agreed that Steam doesn't run the risk of carrying viruses (true that), the games always install (true that), and you don't need to go fishing around for a crack (money shot).

More than anything, though, the mods plus Steam has made GTA such a hot commodity that sales are usually still strong given that GTA IV is regularly covered in the news due to all the wacky, cool and some downright mind-blowing mods. I mean, the Back to the Future mod... really? Really?!

Anyway, console peasants just wanted to stir some stuff up before the big release next week. It's likely that the petition was started just to fan the flames of the console wars, especially considering that PC has left the PS3 and Xbox 360 so far in the dust that even with a NASA telescope you wouldn't be able to see just how far ahead PC has separated itself from current-gen consoles.

[[ br. br ]] But as we all know... Rockstar loves money too much to pass up a release on PC and next-gen consoles. That's not to mention that unlike the console version, the tail-end sales on PC extends many, many, many years beyond the initial profit window on home consoles thanks to mods and total conversions, something that prohibits console games from being anything more than novelty items at release.

You can look for GTA V to release on the old and decrepit current gen consoles next week, or you can wait to get a version of the game many months from now if you're rocking a next-gen console or you're part of the Glorious PC Master Race.

And here's a little something something to help console gamers remember why GTA IV on PC is still the best port, despite the crappy FPS problems, poor loading and terrible inclusion of Games for Windows Live.

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Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.