GTA V Gameplay Video: Watch It Here On Tuesday At 10AM EST

This week, Rockstar Games will deliver the first official gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V. This morning the company announced the exact time that you'll be able to view the footage.

An image posted on Rockstar's Twitter account says that the video will be revealed on Tuesday morning at 10 AM EST. That's 7AM out on the West Coast, or 3PM in the UK. At that time, you'll be able to watch the trailer in the embedded player above.

It's hard to believe that we haven't seen any gameplay footage from GTA V yet. Maybe it's because we've already seen a lot of in-game footage. Over the past couple years, Rockstar has released setting and story trailers. The latest batch of videos profiled each of the game's three protagonists.

Still, trailers are no substitute for minute-by-minute footage of a game. There's almost always a gap between how cool a trailer looks and how fun it is to actually play it. If that gap is small, then the game is probably a stud. Or the trailers were terrible. Anyway, yeah, gameplay footage is important.

It would be an understatement to say that expectations for Grand Theft Auto V are high. GTA IV is one of the best-reviewed games of the generation, in addition to being one of the most widely-played. There will be a lot of gamers tuning in tomorrow to see if Rockstar can really top GTA IV with the sequel.

On paper, GTA V sounds like a proper successor. The game world is said to be larger than several previous Rockstar games combined. Players will be able to explore the skies and sea of the world with new vehicle types, including submarines and jet fighters. They'll be able to customize their cars and weapons in many different ways.

Perhaps the most interesting feature, though, is the multi-character structure of the game. In a first for the series, GTA V will allow players to control three different characters. They can switch between these characters outside of missions to experience their unique storylines. When the characters team up for missions, you'll be able to swap between them to a limited extent as well. For example, you could play as the getaway driver or the character in the backseat trading gunfire with the cops. This might be the feature that sets this game apart from earlier GTA titles and I'm looking forward to seeing it in practice.

GTA V will launch worldwide on September 17th. The game will be available at launch on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Rockstar says that both versions will be identical.

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