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Real-time strategy A Game Of Thrones - Genesis didn't arrive this summer as planned. However, it's coming very soon. Today publisher Focus Home Interactive announced a September 29th release date.

Genesis is inspired by the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series. The novels' author, George R. R. Martin, supervised the creation of the campaign. The game is a tour of Kingdom of Westeros' history. Players will take part in key events that shaped the kingdom, such as Aegon the Conqueror's invasion and the War of the Usurper. Multiplayer for up to eight players is also supported.

There are many paths to victory in Genesis. While you can simply raise an army and crush your enemies on the field of battle, you can also opt for more subtle measures. For example, you can assassinate an opponent's Great Lord or harass his trade routes. Focus Home says you can win without ever declaring open war.

Genesis is in development at Cyanide. It will be released exclusively on the PC.

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