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We know that you don't always get the games you asked for during the holiday season and, let's face it, you would have probably purchased said games for yourself if they weren't so dang expensive. While GameFly certainly offers a nice way to play all of those games without owning them, sometimes you just want a physical copy to call your very own. So you're in luck, then, that GameFly is now offering a big ole batch of discounts for all of their used games.

If you don't absolutely, positively have to pull all of the shrink wrap off of your newest games yourself, now might be a good time to stock up on used video games at a fraction of the cost thanks to GameFly's Year-End Sale. Between now and Jan. 13, used games are being marked down and being shipped out at no additional charge. If you're looking to catch up on some of the best titles of the past few years, now might be a good time to spend all of that Christmas cash grandma included in this year's card.

For a full list of games being offered at a discount, you can head on over to the GameFly website. There, titles have been broken down by console, and you can even add filters to look at only the games within your price range.

You want Modern Warfare 3 on your Xbox? It can be yours for $14.99. Looking to pick up Shadows of the Damned for the PS3? Plop down $12.99 and it's in the mail. Want a copy of Kingdom Hearts re:Coded on your DS? That'll just set you back $14.99.

There are quite a few games to weed through, so start your search for cheap used gaming ASAP. You've got until Jan. 3 to make your purchases.

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