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The first footage for the Xbox One remake for the first Gears of War has leaked. The video gives us a brief glimpse at the remastered game's multiplayer.

The video is a mere 36 seconds. It shows Marcus Fenix and then a Locust Horde foot soldier each killing enemies in a multiplayer match. I guess it looks better than the Xbox 360 version? Maybe? Here's some footage from the original version for comparison's sake:

A report from last month said that Gears of War's Xbox One remake would upgrade the visuals of the Xbox 360 shooter in several ways. The lighting and textures will be improved and the frame rate will be bumped up to 60. Allegedly an outside animation studio is also redoing the cinematics as well.

At around the same time that the report was published, select Xbox One owners were invited to a multiplayer test. That's presumably where this gameplay footage comes from.

Earlier this week, someone filed a copyright for the title Gears of War: Ultimate Edition in Brazil. If that filing was legit, it's probably the title for this remake. It's a good title, too. "Ultimate Edition" has a lot more pop to it than "Definitive Edition" or "Remastered Edition."

Some players were expecting the entire Gears of War trilogy to be remade for Xbox One. Black Tusk Studios, the developer now in charge of the Gears franchise, shot down rumors of a "Marcus Fenix Collection," though.

In spite of the leaks and speculation, Microsoft hasn't formally announced an Xbox One remake of GoW. This is one of the few cases where a company's willing to let people test their game but not willing to announce it. It's possible that they're waiting until their E3 press conference to ensure that the reveal gets the maximum amount of attention.

Microsoft may also have some other Gears of War news to share at E3. Black Tusk is currently working on a brand-new game in the series for Xbox One. They've yet to share any information on the project, though. I'm hoping they'll at least release a short trailer so we'll have some idea of what to expect.

Would you buy an Xbox One remake of Gears of War?

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