If there’s two things gamers like, it’s fast cars and, um, tiny animals that have gained super powers due to extensive and highly illegal scientific testing? All of these glorious things and more can be yours this week on the PlayStation family of consoles and handhelds.

Another week means it’s time for another Drop as Sony wheels out the latest batch of goodies for folks to play on their various consoles, fresh from the development oven.

This week’s lineup of new games is headlined by Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3, which miraculously came out right on time rather than being pushed back for what feels like years and years. Fans will once again be able to drive their favorite cars on their favorite tracks from all over the world in this legendary PlayStation series featuring new modes, new customization options and all of the ridiculously detailed racing goodness we’ve all come to expect from this driving simulation series. As a side note, GT6 arrives on Friday, so don’t get all up and arms if you run to the physical or virtual market tomorrow and discover it is not yet available.

Moving on to the PlayStation Vita, two new titles are making their way to Sony’s portable console this week, including (the recently released on PS3) Stick it to the Man and the Vita version of Rainbow Moon.

Stick it to the Man tells the story of a man who finds himself in possession of some very bizarre special powers that let him alter the way people think, as well as interact with the environment in some pretty unique ways. It’s bizarre, it’s twisted, it’s darkly humorous and it’s now officially a cross-buy game since it has released on both the PS3 and, starting tomorrow, the Vita.

As for Rainbow Moon, this is the enhanced version of the indie PS3 RPG going by the same name, giving players a chance to tackle some old school roleplaying goodness with plenty of new school tricks tacked on for good measure. If you’re looking to escape into a fantasy world where adventure lurks around every corner, Rainbow Moon might be just what the doctor ordered.

Finally, the PlayStation 4 gets a pair of new downloadable titles this week in the form of Escape Plan and Tiny Brains.

Originally a Vita title, Escape Plan brings its monochromatic blend of platforming and puzzle solving to the newest member of the PlayStation family with 78 rooms’ worth of tricky contraptions to get past. Another cross-buy title, if you already own Escape Plan on the Vita or PS3, you can now get it on the PS4 at no additional charge.

Finally, there’s Tiny Brains, the cooperative puzzle-solving adventure for PS4 featuring miniscule critters who, thanks to some extensive testing and modifications, now possess amazing powers, like the ability to create a block of ice out of thin air or teleport from one place to another.

Look for all of that, along with the usual batch of DLC, discounts, themes, demos and videos, to hit he PlayStation Network starting tomorrow afternoon.

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