The next monthly event for Guild Wars 2 will be called "The Secret of Southsun Cove." The event will send players to a tropical island badly in need of their aid.

During the war depicted in the "Flame and Frost" event, refugees fled to Southsun Cove. The Consortium allowed the refugees to stay but are badly mistreating them. Meanwhile, something is causing local animals to become more aggressive. The players must investigate the problems plaguing this island and put a stop to them.

You can take a break from these new story quests with a Crab Toss mini-game. According to the Guild Wars 2 blog, Crab Toss tasks players with capturing hermit crabs and evading karka.

The update also introduces traps for World Vs. World play. Each WvW map will have Traps and Tricks Outfitter NPCs to sell these items to players. The first two traps will remove stealth or strip supplies. ArenaNet promises that additional traps will be added in the future.

"Secret of Southsun Cove" will go live on May 14th. Like other Guild Wars 2 in-game events, it's free for current players.

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