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Guild Wars 2 Flame And Frost: Retribution Update Goes Live Today

Today ArenaNet is releasing the final update in their multi-month event "Flame and Frost" in Guild Wars 2. "Flame and Frost: Retribution" allows players to deliver a final blow to the Molten Alliance that has been terrorizing Tyria.

Players will infiltrate a new dungeon called the Molten Weapon Facilities, located beneath the Shiverpeaks. Along NPC companions Rox and Braham, they'll fight the dredge and Flame Legion forces and destroy their foundries. The dungeon culminates with a boss fight against a "hybrid menace."

The World vs. World PVP is being upgraded as well. Characters will now have access to new WvW abilities such as Arrow Cart Mastery and five more levels of Guard Killer. Players can also purchase guild siege engines or charge into battle wearing a back banner with their guild's colors.

Today marks the start of custom PvP arenas as well as a spectator mode. Players will be able to play private matches with personalized settings or watch these battles live. Only a select group of players will be able to create custom matches for now, though.

The "Flame and Frost" event began in January with "Prelude." New features added to the game over the course of "Flame and Frost" include guesting and guild missions. ArenaNet has been holding monthly events for the MMORPG since October.

Screenshots from "Retribution" are below. You can read more details on the event at Guild Wars 2's website.

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