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Like the game’s massive, cannon-packing blimps, Guns of Icarus online has moved steadily onward towards an undetermined release date hidden somewhere over the next horizon. Well now we know exactly where that horizon lies, as an announcement on Steam today puts the impending launch at Oct. 29. And it can be now be pre-ordered at a discount, too!

Guns of Icarus Online sees players matching aerial wits and military knowhow against one another in a unique high-flying action strategy game that will fill the sky with fire as planes and giant dirigibles get blown to smithereens.

The game will be available through Steam for both Mac and PC and, if you pre-order any of the available packages (all of which have been marked down by about 25 percent for a pre-sale promotion), you’ll also gain immediate access into the ongoing beta.

Guns of Icarus Online is available in a variety of flavors, including the core game for $14.99 ($19.99 regular price). You can also snag the Collector’s Edition for $24.99 ($32.99 regular), which includes the game, soundtrack and a “Captain’s Costume Pack). Finally, there’s the big Collector’s Edition 4-pack which, as its name implies, nets you four copies of the game to share with your Steam friends. That bundle can be had for $34.99, or $45.99 at the regular price.

All pre-order promotions end on Oct. 29, so you’ve got about a month to decide if you want to take to the skies and join the fight. Just keep in mind that your participation in that sweet, sweet beta will become more limited the longer you wait.