343 Industries announced full details on the Crimson Map Pack for Halo 4 today. The DLC will add three maps as well as a new game mode called Extraction.

Wreckage takes place in a wasteland filled with ship debris. Shatter is a large map set in and around UNSC mining facilities. Harvest, the smallest map of the bunch, features an agricultural world wiped out by the Covenant.

Extraction mode pits two teams of five players against each other. These squads travel to special extraction sites throughout the map and plant beacons. While their beacon extracts special assets, the team must defend it from the opposing team. The defenders receive a point if they successfully protect their beacon, while attackers receive a point if they destroy it. The first time to earn five points will win the match.

The Crimson Map Pack will debut on December 10th. It's priced at 800 MS Points, or $10. If you spring for the $25 War Games Map Pass, though, you'll get Crimson and two other map packs. The Map Pass is said to be a 15% savings over purchasing all three individually.

343 sent along a trailer for the map pack along with today's details. Check it out below.

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