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You've only got a few days left to decide whether you care about Deus Ex: The Fall, the first mobile installment in the sci-fi action series. The game will be debuting on July 11th on iOS devices.

The Fall takes place in the year 2027. Humans are able to install mechanical augmentations in their body in order to correct handicaps or merely enhance their physical abilities. However, these enhancements come at a price. Augmented humans have to pay for a costly drug in order to survive.

The game centers on Ben Saxon, a mercenary and former member of the British SAS. Saxon has undergone several augmentations in order to become a more effective soldier. Due to the events of the novel Icarus Effect, he has severed ties with his former employers, the Tyrants. He's now trying to get to the bottom of the conspiracy behind the augmentation drugs.

Square Enix says that The Fall will feature many of the core features we've come to expect from Deus Ex. Players will travel across the world, from Moscow to Panama, as they attempt to unravel the conspiracy. The game offers "multiple ways to play." You can be a violent psychopath, a silent ninja, a smooth-talking professional, a slippery hacker, or some combination thereof.

It all sounds pretty great on paper, to be honest. I'm still really leery of the whole thing, though. The simple fact of the matter is that some compromises had to be made in order to shrink the PC/console franchise down to mobile devices. It might check all the same boxes that Deus Ex does (action, stealth, hacking, etc.) but I'm worried that it's going to have much less depth. If nothing else, the controls will probably blow.

I crave all things Deus Ex and will gladly accept an all-new game in the franchise, though. Making it a mobile game feels like a cruel joke, though. It's what I want but not in the form I want. It's like having your jaw wired shut and being forced to drink a steak in shake form.

The Fall will be released for $6.99/£4.99/5.99€ through the App Store. It's compatible with iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, and iPod Touch 5 and above.

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