Hyrule Warriors DLC Lets You Play As A Chicken

You can never fault Nintendo for not taking some risks with adding ridiculous elements of fun into their games. The Wii U exclusive Hyrule Warriors has a new bit of DLC on the way that takes the concept of flying the coop to a whole new level. You can get a glimpse of the DLC in a brief teaser video below, courtesy of moccos-tan Isedelica.

As noted by Polygon, the chicken, also known as the Cucco, is extremely powerful. The video is a bit of a spoiler as it gives away that the chicken is even a playable character, but it also gives you an idea of just how much fun Koei Tecmo and Nintendo had with making the game and adding in a bit of over-the-top fan service.

You don't get to play the Cucco right away in Hyrule Warriors. There is a process for earning the battlefield destroyer. You first have to play as Ganondorf, the new DLC character, and clear the third level of survival mode with an 'S' rank. Ganon is pretty badass in the game so it shouldn't take too long.

Some of the commenters on YouTube were excited about the hidden character – even though it's no longer hidden now that the video has gone public – while others were a bit down on the idea that a special, hidden character was a giant Cucco. A few mentioned that they “deserved” better characters, others embraced the fun, like YouTuber Kyuu, who stated...

“Hell has been unleashed. You go little cucco.. Show them they've messed with the wrong chicken.?"

Someone replied with the word “little” in quotation marks, as if to imply that the Cucco being little is anything but true.

The moves for the Cucco all appear to be pretty over-powered. The thing can wipe out armies with a few butt-stomps and a call-in for other little chickens to run rampant over the enemy. The charge-up Musuo attack also appears to be an unstoppable force of baddassery.

If you want to play as the Cucco you can only do so after the DLC boss character pack unleashes for Hyrule Warriors on March 12th.

The game itself managed to standout as a noteworthy Wii U exclusive given that it took the basic Dynasty Warriors concept and then expanded on it with a Legend of Zelda motif and plenty of new moves, characters and environments to give the game a life of its own.

Fans of Dynasty Warriors will likely want to get their hands on the game's upcoming DLC, while reservists will want to gauge how much content the DLC offers before diving in head first. In today's market it's not shocking to want to keep a keen eye of caution on the way publishers handle DLC given that it's an easy thing to exploit, sort of like Capcom and the Street Fighter X Tekken disc-locked content fiasco, or Evolve and that whole massive pre-launch DLC campaign.

Anyway, Hyrule Warriors is available right now for the Wii U.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.