News Corp., the mega corporation to which most people feel is part of the bane of the United Corporations of America, is in the process of auctioning off IGN Entertainment and all its subsidiary media-hub attachments.

According to the Wall Street Journal, both News Corp., and IGN have confirmed that negotiations are underway for launching a formal sales process to “spin-off its publishing and journalism assets from faster-growing media and entertainment businesses”.

The auction process has come into play due to a sales effort falling through and no deals coming out of the initial offerings.

The site itself ranks within the top 500 sites on the entire internet according to Alexa and its subsidiaries include Askmen, Gamestats and the venerable Gamespy.

IGN recently ran into a bit of trouble a short while ago when they were caught by Reddit administrators for vote-cheating on the popular information aggregator. The site also came under heavy fire from readers and gamers over the whole Mass Effect 3 ordeal earlier this year.

Despite a few slip-ups, the site is regarded as the largest online video game news and information database alongside Gamespot.

I'm sure a lot of people are curious what will happen to the employees of IGN and what will happen to IGN? It would be hard to believe that the site was no longer profitable since it dwarfs every other site out there when it comes to the abundance of review/preview material as well as up-to-date media and advertorial assets for the latest games.

If IGN is auctioned off and potentially shutdown, do you think it would be resurrected or restructured for better or for worse?

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