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PC gamers wanting a really flashy, graffiti-based, counter-culture game like Jet Set Radio haven't been real lucky, the closest thing PC gamers have received along those lines would be FreeJack from GamerKraft, which is a parkour racing version of Jet Set Radio, and Street Gears from gPotato Europe, which is an MMO identical to Jet Set Radio except it's all in French.

The good news is that Sega is finally porting Jet Set Radio over to PC with their HD remake, which is also planned for release on the Sony Entertainment Network and the Xbox Live Arcade. The news comes courtesy of Eurogamer who reports that Sega made the passing announcement like a light whistle in the wind.

Originally, the news about a Jet Set Radio HD remake came in the form of a teaser trailer that simply hinted at Sega reviving the original Dreamcast exclusive (and later Xbox exclusive) but no official word followed thereafter. At least now we have some sort of positive news for PC gamers that the graffiti-art and extreme-sports, cel-shaded adventure title will be making its way onto a PC screen near you via digital distribution.

We'll keep you posted on the official release date(s) and in the meantime you can learn more by visiting the Official Website.