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Could Just Cause 3 have an open-world, massive multiplayer mode just like the Just Cause 2 MP mod designed by the community? Well, who knows. Founder of Avalanche Studios, Christofer Sundberg, talks briefly about the JC2MP mod as well as how it ties into the Just Cause franchise.

Gamespy interviewed Sundberg and pretty much held nothing back in terms of out right asking about multiplayer making an appearance in future Just Cause games. Sundberg stated that...
The mod team has really proven that multiplayer works well with Just Cause 2, and again we are really thrilled following their progress. I can't really comment on the future of the franchise, but multiplayer done in the same spirit as the JC2MP mod is a great match with the IP.

We don't comment on rumors really, but as I've said numerous times before -- there is a strong attachment from Avalanche and from me personally to the Just Cause IP.

It has been confirmed that a Just Cause 3 is in development alongside a new movie based on the game.

The real question is whether a multiplayer mode similar to the one the modders have designed will make an appearance in Just Cause 3? If you don't know how it plays's a small taste of the global carnage.

I love the chaos and destruction of it all...the sort of organized anarchy of complete mayhem. It's an intoxicating mix of unadulterated carnage meets fun-filled multiplayer antics. It's cool. However, as pointed out in the GameSpy article and as evident in the video, the hit detection in the JC2MP mod is garbage and the collision and latency rates are trash, pretty much making the mod mostly fun as an enthusiast adventure rather than a legitimate multiplayer mode.

I imagine there's going to be some R&D spent in developing and enhancing the mod into a workable condition, assuming Avalanche Studios goes the route of Bohemia Interactive and takes full advantage of the modding community and use it to leverage the Just Cause IP. Given Sundberg's rather positive reaction to the JC2MP mod, I wouldn't put it past them that they could be hard at work at including a similar feature into an upcoming Just Cause game.

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